Amanda Darby – Sculptor, Model Maker, CG modeller, 3D Printing Specialist.


I’ve been a model maker for a lot longer than i care to remember! I started as a kid sculpting from playdoh

and working in my father’s workshop. My father is a pattern maker and engineer, so i guess making things was in my blood.

I was lucky enough to get work experience when i was at school, for a local effects and model making company: “Living Image”

Quite random that such a place appeared in my little home town of Guisborough, but it opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a model maker as a job.

The Apprentice.


PHOTO: This is me as a kid with my father…

sharp tools…schematics…

      strange expression of concentration on my face….

(which i still do)

      and a sippy cup…

i wasn’t kidding when i said i started early!

I went on to study various aspects of film production and design at University. Loved every minute!

I have worked for many companies as a sculptor, mould maker and model maker. I love the process from beginning to end.

I started cross training in computer modelling, not to replace the traditional skills, but so i could adapt more to industry needs.

I see the computer as another tool to my tool box. Although maybe a little more temperamental than the hammers and drills….

I got into 3d printing and scanning about 8 years ago, it seemed the perfect blend of traditional skills and new technology.

I then threw myself into research and development at Aardman Animation, setting up a 3d scanning and printing department.

Over the last four years we scanned, modelled, printed and painted over 8000 parts for the Aardman/Sony production:

“Pirates – In an Adventure With Scientists”.



Please browse through my photos. I am guilty of never taking enough photos of the stuff i’m working on, normally too engrossed in getting stuff done!

I managed to wade through my hard drive and find some examples, hope you enjoy them. If you have any question please give me a shout on the email above.

NB – Please do view the examples of my work but please note photos are copyright owned and available to view as my portfolio work only. 
These images are not for reproduction/use elsewhere.  Thank you.