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3D Printed Sword parts for large and small swords

These are straight off the machine after cleaning, before sanding and artworking. I have only painted the small sword up so far…but working on the full size one now…watch this space for more photos. (CG Models provided by Alex Downs)


Check out my Video Blog, made during the height of production on Aardman Animation/Sony Animation’s “Pirates! In and Adventure with Scientists (Band of Misfits-US)



Made during a very hectic time…. The Four Envisiontec Perfactory 3D Printers were running day and night, often seven days a week. The 3D Printing department made over 8000 parts for the film. As well as over 200 complete “Sets” of character eyelids. (Each Set consisting of 10 pairs of lids, some smaller than a fingernail!)

The amazing team working with me became experts in sanding, finishing, hand painting and airbrushing thousands of parts. Each to a very high standard, ready to be scrutinised on the cinema screen.