3D Printed Scabard - Artworked

Scabbard – All painted up, waiting for lacquer.


3D Printed Sword parts for large and small swords

These are straight off the machine after cleaning, before sanding and artworking. I have only painted the small sword up so far…but working on the full size one now…watch this space for more photos. (CG Models provided by Alex Downs)

3D Printed Sword Hilt, Blade & Scabbard

Once 3D printed i sanded and sprayed the separate parts, then finished with some artworking and lacquer. Having not done effect painting for a while, it was fun getting different paint effects on the resin. (CG Model provided by Alex Down)

Pirate Captain Puppet and RP Miniature

Aardman Pirate’s – In an Adventure with Scientists!
Aardman Animation & Sony Pictures